Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Surprise ! Android App Realeased

Have you ever experienced that helpless moment when you seriously commit to doing something worth this Christmas and by the end of the week you even forget what you committed to do?

Have you ever been nostalgic about that one awesome Christmas eve you once had a few years back?

I believe this app would help you stay committed to your spiritual endeveour forever and ponder more about this Christmas and prepare in advance.

Feel the joy of Christmas already! Wishing you a very joyful Christmas and a prosperous New year 2013

With this app you get a:
1) A daily bible verse along with a  message
2) A daily Prayer
3) A daily Song, you can sing along with its lyrics with its link on YouTube.
4) A daily christmas fun fact or an article.
5) A daily remainder to read a verse a day.
5) Categories of inspiring and powerfull bible verses.
6) you can add your favorite verses ,songs and facts and read them offline.
7) Instantly Share everything you read
8) Auto Read feature, in the below 9 languages, to aid visually challenged and aged persons.

Available in English, German , Spanish , korean , portuguese ,russian , chinese and thai

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Coming soon: Daily verse Widget, Daily Christmas recipe for two whole months (Dec and Jan 2013), more Christmas themes ( Hopefully by the end of Nov)

Suggestions ,feedback and queries are most welcome.Please do rate my app if you like it.

If you find anything missing in this app feel free to contact me anytime @ or or mail me @

I will try my best to fix any issues relating to the app asap :-) Thanks for the support :D  cheers!!!

P.S : Please report to me if the app shows inappropriate ads (i have already made sure it wont. But in case if it does feel free to let me know. I will remove immediately)


1) Why does it take time to load Today's verse but not Today's song or Today's fun fact?
Verses are available from the year 2000 to current day while songs and facts are available for three months ( NOV, DEC AND JAN 2013). Songs and facts are available offline.

2) Why am i asked to choose language every time ?
The app remembers your language preference and music playback preference.But most users want to customize the music playback according to their moods. So if your language is already chosen feel free to proceed right away.

3) What to expect in the next update?
1) Daily Verse widget
2) Daily Christmas recipe for two Dec and Jan 2013
3) UI Enhancements as per user suggestions and if possible more themes

No ways !!! with the user feedback more options would be made available and today's verse feature is already available always. I will update you while adding new features.

Thank you all for your support!!! :D :D Once again Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2013

Credits : Anish Joni, Monica Rose